The Syber Cube is a revolutionary case with a beautiful elevated design. With gorgeous RGB lighting and a sleek outer casing, the Syber Cube showcases your build through high-quality tempered glass panels on three sides. With exceptional support for water cooling, plentiful fan ports, and a dual-chamber design, the Syber Cube is the perfect choice for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

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RTX 2080Ti

2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6

Based on specs for the Syber Cube Xtreme 400 Model. Specs and Pricing subject to change. 

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting adds a spectacular glow to the Syber Cube, highlighting your components and the sleek metal chassis.

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Unique Design

Be different with the Syber Cube. Symmetry and a cube shape separate the Syber Cube from the crowd. Featuring three faces of high-quality tempered glass to show off your awesome inner components and a tilted angle stand, the Syber Cube is for those who want something new.

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Optimal Airflow

Supports up to 4 x 120mm front fans and 1 x 120mm rear fan. The Syber Cube fits enough fans to keep your components cool as ever.

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Dual Chamber Design

The Syber Cube supports graphics cards up to 280mm, radiators up to 240mm in the front, CPUs up to 165mm, power supply up to 190mm. With a dual-chamber design that prevents heat from affecting other components, the Syber Cube is the superior choice.

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  • Unique case design exclusively available at CyberPowerPC
  • Innovative cooling architecture
  • Full tempered glass design
  • Hand built and tested by our top PC Build Masters
  • Powered by Intel 9th Generation Core Processors
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE 20 Series Graphics Processor

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There are times in life when you want more room, more power and more performance.

It is with this sentiment that we designed the Syber XL-Series. With its massive body, superb airflow, and sleek design, all gamers will agree bigger is better. Able to fit the biggest graphics cards, largest power supplies, elaborate liquid cooling systems, and multiple hardware, the XL-Series will blow away any towers out there. You get room for all the hardware you can cram in it till your heart’s content, and also it also has one of the highest volume of air flow in town. The XL-Series is more than just a welcomed addition to the Syber gaming family, it’s a staple.


XL Series

With its massive body, superb airflow, and sleek design, all gamers will agree bigger is better.

L Series

With space to grow, within a meticulously designed case, featuring a brushed aluminum front panel, this is one case that you will definitely be showing off. The perfect middle ground in our family of towers.

M Series

All the power you could ever want, contained in a custom designed stealth beast. VR ready out the door and capable of playing the latest titles at their highest settings.

C Series

All of the power and customization of a mid-tower gaming PC in a chassis small enough to fit wherever you game.