Searching for an unparalleled level of customization and user defined settings? From first person shooters to vast, open-world RPG’s, the Syber M1 gaming mouse provides the ultimate PC gaming experience. With incredible precision and accuracy, color and style options, and a deep level of personalization, this mouse takes any players gaming experience to the next level, in style.

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Precision Performance in Every Click

An entire game can change in just the simple click of a mouse. Make every click count with the Syber M1 Gaming mouse. By incorporating a special sensor, the Syber M1 offers outstanding reactivity, precision, and reliability.

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Customize to the Core

Programmable with up to 5 different unique users settings, the Syber M1 is excellent for the gamer who has a different play style between gaming genres or the generous gamer who shares their beloved set-up with others. Additionally, lighting color and behavior options can be customized to enhance every gaming experience.

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Pro Functionality With Elite Style

Never sacrifice specs for style or style for specs. The Syber M1 offers superior functionality, editing, and precision — all wrapped in a customizable, sleek, exterior so you can play like a pro and look like a pro.

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The Syber M1 has a click life of over 5 million clicks, enough to keep up with the most extreme gamers.


Many modes from all on to more unique modes such as neon, monochrome breathing, and much more.


Up to 12400 DPI with 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 6200 DPI switching


The Syber M1 Mouse features an ergonomic appearance design with comfortable feel and flexible operation


Supports Microsoft operating system (Win XP, Vista, Win 7). Suitable for laptop or desktop computers with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 interface.


Supports macro editing and mouse memory of 5 groups of user interface settings, which can be directly called by any computer through special buttons for quick switching.



There are times in life when you want more room, more power and more performance.

It is with this sentiment that we designed the Syber XL-Series. With its massive body, superb airflow, and sleek design, all gamers will agree bigger is better. Able to fit the biggest graphics cards, largest power supplies, elaborate liquid cooling systems, and multiple hardware, the XL-Series will blow away any towers out there. You get room for all the hardware you can cram in it till your heart’s content, and also it also has one of the highest volume of air flow in town. The XL-Series is more than just a welcomed addition to the Syber gaming family, it’s a staple.


XL Series

With its massive body, superb airflow, and sleek design, all gamers will agree bigger is better.

L Series

With space to grow, within a meticulously designed case, featuring a brushed aluminum front panel, this is one case that you will definitely be showing off. The perfect middle ground in our family of towers.

M Series

All the power you could ever want, contained in a custom designed stealth beast. VR ready out the door and capable of playing the latest titles at their highest settings.

C Series

All of the power and customization of a mid-tower gaming PC in a chassis small enough to fit wherever you game.